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Sponsor Analytics: Overview Highlights Breakdown

Learn how to navigate through highlight metrics on overview board on sponsor.brella.io

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The highlights give a glance at the most critical indicators of a successful event for sponsors, such as booth visibility through the number of visitors and time spent in the booth.

Another indicator of a successful event for sponsors is the number of leads they generate at the event that motivates your company representatives to actively reaching out to people to ensure finding relevant prospects:

Metrics Navigation

1. Total unique visitors - count by single users in the booth's traffic data. This displays average count visitors per day. 

2. Outbound meeting request - total meeting requests sent out by the sponsor reps.

- Additional info:
  • 0-5 Below recommended (red)Outbound-highlight-bar-sponsor-AP
  • 6-9 Slightly below recommended (orange), display message on hover: "We recommend sending out at least 10 meeting requests to have a successful networking experience".
  • 10 and Above recommended (green), display message on hover: "Fantastic job! Keep on reaching out to people!"

3. Meeting acceptance rate - percentage of total accepted meeting requests vs. total meeting requests, specific to the sponsor.

- Additional info: This message will always be on display from the info icon to inform you about Brella's average: "Events in Brella have an average acceptance rate of 28 to 35%".

  • 0-28% Below average (orange).
  • 28-35% Average (green).
  • 36% and above Above average (green).

4. Total time spent in the booth - summary of visitors' time spent in the booth in a format of 'hour - minute - second'.total-time-visitor

- Additional info: You can see the Average time spent per visitor on the lower part of the bubble.


Last updated on July 2022. 

Written by Aynur Atayeva. 

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