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Share your Company's profile info with the Event Organizer

You can facilitate your Company's info through our template file with your event organizer.

To facilitate the process of sharing your Company's info, download the below template, you can use Excel, Spreadsheets, or Open Office to open the file. Add the required information and send it to your event organizer for a smooth upload of your materials and links. 

πŸ‘‰ The template looks like the image below, and you can start filling in all the columns with company information as follows: 


    Start filling in your company details:

    • Sponsor/Company details:
      • Name  - company name - mandatory ❗

      • Category - industry - optional
      • Subtitle - no longer than 75 letters - optional
      • Category - mandatory❗
        *The Category field will try to match with the existing Sponsor Category in the admin panel. If the category doesn't exist, a new category will be created. If no category is provided, an 'uncategorized' category will be created, and the sponsor will be added under the category.
      • Enable chat - Yes or No (value) - optional
      • Website - only URL - optional
      • Facebook - only URL - optional
      • Twitter -  only URL - optional
      • Linkedin - only URL - optional
      • Content (Description) - optional
        *Doesn't include images.
      • Logo - optional
    • Booth elements: Respect the format given in the sheet!
      • Media type - Carousel or/and sidebar
      • Media title - Carousel name or/and sidebar name (only embedded URL)
      • Media URL - Carousel URL or/and sidebar URL (only embedded URL)

    After filling up all the necessary information, contact your event organizer and share the templates via email, Cloud services (GDrive, OneDrive, iCloud), or as instructed by them.

    ❗Booth links have to be public links that don't need a password or a private network.



    Last updated in August 2021. 

    Written by Wendy RendΓ³n


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