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Sponsor Analytics: Overview

Learn how to navigate through the overview tab and understand your virtual booth and meetings' performance on sponsor.brella.io


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The Overview tab offers you a compact resume of your performance at the event in real-time. This tab contains sections with highlighted information according to the virtual booth and representatives meeting activities.

Board Navigation

  • Tooltips and 'Save' - buttons that helps you to learn what each view entails, and enables you to export the graphs:

    Tooltips-sponsor-AP Save-button-sponsor-AP
  • Highlights bar - displays the Total unique visitors, Outbound meeting request, Meeting acceptance rate, Total time spent in the booth. This can help you with understanding where you need to improve in terms of event performance in a quick glance:

  • Overall performance - graph for booth visits, total meeting requests, and total accepted meetings. This can help you to visualize whether the demand (visits & requests) and offer (accepted meetings) match; if not, make sure to take actions to balance the curve:  

  • Booth visit activity - bar graph of total visits vs. unique visitors, helps you to visualize the traffic of visitors on daily basis:

  • Most active visitors - table that displays the attendees who interacted with your booth on next.brella.io. This table can help you to find potential prospects through the list of people who engage and spend time in your booth the most, excluding representatives:

  • Meeting request activity - pie chart for Outbound, Inbound and Accepted meetings. Make sure to take actions if demand (inbound) is higher than offer (accepted). Always send more outbound requests, as this is your direct ROI:

  • Chat activity - pie chart for requested, answered, pending and total exchange of 1:1 messages at the event:

    chart activity

⚡ Important: If the traffic analytics table is not available in your view, it might not be part of your sponsorship. Hence, address this matter with your event organizer if you'd like to get access to such data.

🌟 Tip: All analytics and graphics can be exported from sponsor.brella.io using the 'Save' or 'Export' buttons from the Overview, Representatives, Engagement, Traffic Analytics, and Prospects tabs! 

Last updated on July 2022. 

Written by Aynur Atayeva. 

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