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Sponsor Login: Microsoft and Google

Learn how to log in to your Brella account using Google or Microsoft email without magic link authentication.

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Creating a Brella account for the first time or accessing the platform requires using the passwordless authentication method, Magic Link, through email confirmation.

If your working or personal email domain belongs to Google or Microsoft, it's possible to speed up the joining and access process by using those as an authentication system.

Check the steps below, and learn how to use your Gmail or Microsoft credentials to access your Brella account.


You can use the web app on your computer browser or tablet/iPad/phone browser.

  1. Go to sponsor.brella.io
  2. Choose your email provider (Google or Microsoft)
    • 👉 Click 'Continue with Google' - Input your email and password, and in case you have two-step verification, approve on your mobile device.
    • 👉 Click 'Continue with Microsoft' - Input your email and password. If you already have a Brella account associated with this email, it will redirect you to the main page. Choose your email provider (Google or Microsoft).

Account verification and password

If you're accessing from a device that is not of your personal use, if enabled on your email account from Google or Microsoft, it might require account verification.

If you want to change the password associated with your Microsoft account within Brella, you’ll have to change the password of your Microsoft account directly. Read more here.  

💡Note: If you receive an "email cannot be empty" or "email can't be blank" error, please follow the steps available in this article.

Last updated in July 2022.

Written by Sophia DiPaola

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