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Your Schedule & Availability: Introduction to Calendar sync

Learn how the Calendar synchronization function connects your event agenda to your personal calendar.


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📱  How to connect my event agenda to my calendar on the iOS mobile app?

To synchronize your personal schedule such as accepted meetings and bookmarked sessions with the iOS App:

  1. Go to the Event Schedule/Agenda page, then click on Schedule More (in the right top corner), and then press Calendar sync.
  2. This will prompt your Apple Calendar to subscribe to the "Brella Meetings and Bookmarks" calendar.
  3. Subscribe to it, and you will be able to see all your upcoming meetings and sessions from all upcoming events where you use Brella in Apple Calendar.
  4. Your Apple Calendar should update automatically once your schedule changes in Brella. However, note that there may be some delay.

☝️ If for some reason, none of the methods above work for you, feel free to read through the following troubleshooting article: Troubleshoot Calendar Sync

☝️ The Brella Android app doesn't support calendar sync at the moment.


Last updated in July 2022. 

Written by Rajinda Wijetunge

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