Navigate your event: Virtual booths

The virtual booths are an element of a Brella event where you can get to know partners of the event or find other interesting content.

In events on Brella, there are several tabs which you can search for content and interesting activities. The navigation for Brella is always found from the left side of the event. 

Each event on our platform is unique, so we encourage you to explore the platform prior to the event and get to know all the pages the event has. 

In this article, you will find a short video and explanation on how to best navigate the virtual booths in your event. 

What are virtual booths? Virtual booths are designated sections for possible sponsors, exhibitors, or other interesting content in the event. You can find the virtual booths always with the handshake icon in your event navigation.

The virtual booths are unique for all the events, so any examples shown here are for demonstrating what you can find in the virtual booths and how to navigate to them. Ask for more information from your event organizer! 

The virtual booth consists of four elements:

  • Carousel section
  • Description
  • Live chat
  • Links to the contact the sponsors/exhibitor
USE this for virtual booth + add audio


Last updated on February 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


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