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Troubleshooting Steps for Solving Live Streaming Issues for Attendees

Network Firewalls, Adblockers, and Other Location Restrictions Are the Main Reasons for the Streaming Not Working. Disabling or Using a Vpn Can Solve the Issue.

If you're experiencing trouble watching the content streamed at the event you're attending in Brella. It could be related to firewall restriction and other location blockers, such as some apps/sites being banned.

The majority of streaming issues are connected to the below scenarios. Follow our recommendations to alleviate the trouble with the streams for each case.


πŸ“Ί Video Disappeared or Stopped

It could be a bug, or servers are down on the streaming provider's end. 

⚑Note: Streams are handled ONLY by the event organizers. If you're having issues with the stream tab, but the rest of the platform works correctly. Please, reach the organizer since they will give you more accurate assistance or contact us

πŸ¦₯ Slowness Due to Bad Internet Connection  

To watch a stream, you need a strong internet connection as you'll be downloading information for the streams, event platform, and other platforms you may have opened on your computer, including all people's devices in the same room if sharing working space. To alleviate this, check for some tips here.

πŸ”₯ Black/Grey Screen or β€˜β€™No Stream Available’’

Some company devices (pc/laptop) and internet connexion have more secure processes called Firewall restrictions to protect the network from external sites. Therefore, third-party apps or websites won't show correctly.

  1. You can ask your company's IT team to allowlist our domain OR
  2. If your pc/laptop is personal, you can add the domain to your browser settings.
    πŸ‘‰ Check these steps for PC & Mobile devices

πŸ”Š No Sound

Some streams sound is activated once you join the platform, but this has additional setups on your device in other cases. Check the below options to fit your case:

  1. Allow sound from Browser 
  2. Device audio settings

πŸ™ˆ The Platform Keeps Crashing

If any functionality of the web or mobile app works in that case, this could be related to our Brella's servers being down. In such a situation, our Product team will be ready on the spot as they count on a contingent server monitoring process. You can reach us here.

Last updated in January 2022. 

Written by Wendy RendΓ³n


If you didn't find an answer to your questions, get in touch with the Support Team here.