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Set your networking availability (per day)

You can also set your networking availability per day during the registration process or from the Schedule page.

During the registration process, on the 2nd step of your registration process in Brella, you will have the option to choose what days you would like to network during the event.

Availability during the registration process

When you are on this page, click the days you are attending the event and the days you'd like to receive meeting requests from other participants. Once you click on them, the date cards will get highlighted.


⚡Note: For Virtual & Hybrid events > Time zone differences between the event's country and the place from where you're located may impact the number of days that the Networking slots and Schedule shows. Please, make sure to understand the actual event time zone beforehand and set up your time zone according to your location.

Availability after registering

If you're not sure at the beginning of the joining process, you can always set up your availability after completing the joining process.

  1. Go to the Schedule page,
  2. Scroll down the right-side navigation panel and click on Your Availability.
  3. Click on Available or Unavailable according to your personal agenda, and your changes will be saved.

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Last updated on March 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


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