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Schedule filter explained

Explore the event's program by filtering content sessions, networking meetings, availability, and past content on the Schedule page.

This article will come in handy for you to know how to navigate the Schedule page on Brella.

The first line to filter information is the search bar. You can input the session's title, speaker, or even find your meetings by typing the person's name.


Then you'll get to find the info using the sidebar filters as well:

  • Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 15.43.35Bookmarks: will show your bookmarked sessions for the event. When bookmarking a session, you'll be able to create your own agenda and see it through this filter. These will be shown on your personal calendar, too, if synchronized.
  • Past Content: This will show past content sessions that have already passed at your current time zone.
  • schedule filter brellaSessions & Meetings: will show your combined bookmarked sessions and meetings regardless of their status.
  • Sessions: will show all event content sessions such as keynotes, panels, networking times, etc.
  • Meetings: will show all your accepted and rescheduled meetings to be held during the event.
  • Networking availability: will show all the networking slots open for the event. When the toggle button is green, that means you are 'available for meeting requests' during this time slot, and if disabled, it will be in grey, meaning you are 'unavailable for meeting requests.'

    networking availability brella

Last updated on July 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


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