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Joining an event on Brella

You need a Brella account and a join code to join an event on Brella. While joining an event, you will be prompted to complete your event profile.

When joining an event, you will need to set up a profile that will allow you to present yourself and connect with other participants at the event. You will need to create an account before joining an event.

  1. Joining a Brella event requires a join code. Each event has a specific join code. Typically, the event organizer will share the join code & join link in an email, so please check your inbox.
  2. On the web app, once you have your join code, go to next.brella.io. Follow the event registration steps in the video below.
  3. On the mobile app, download the Brella app from the App Store or Google Play and sign in. After signing in, you will be prompted to enter a join code and continue with the event registration steps.
  4. Brella generally opens no more than 3 weeks before an event. If you haven't received an invitation link or join code by then, please contact your event organizer.

⚑ Note! For privacy reasons, we cannot share any join code with attendees directly. If you've lost your join code, please contact the event organizers.

Event registration steps

➑️Registration to a Brella event has four steps.

  1. Welcome page: Start networking and see the attendee's list and have the chance to connect with vendors, sponsors, future business partners, or mentors. If you are not interested in networking, we are sorry to hear that. Please visit this article.
  2. Availability: Choose the days you'll be attending, and would like to network during the event.
  3. Interests: Select the topics you are interested in and would like to network about. Scroll to the left to find more relevant topics.
  4. Profile: Complete your profile by writing a personal introduction and choosing the countries you operate in. Click Start networking, and Brella will match you with people with similar matches that you can see on each individual's profile.

After setting up a profile for the event, you can make changes to your profile and your account separately.

Watch how to join a Brella event in 2 minutes:

Join a Brella event


❓What is the difference between account and profile?  

You have one Brella accountEach event you attend in Brella gives you a different profile on that same account. Essentially, your account's information is your personal information that does not change per event, but your profile is different for each event you attend. 

Last updated on May 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


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