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I don't want to network at the event

When you skip-networking by not setting up your profile, you will not be able to connect with other attendees, sponsors, and speakers, also you will have some restrictions.


❗️When you skip-networking by no clicking on "Set up my profile", you will not be able to connect with other attendees, sponsors, and speakers.

participant registrtion for a brella event

What happens if I don't 'Set up my profile'

As soon as you click on 'I'll do this later' you'll only have access to the Schedule of the event, Sponsor's virtual booths, Speaker's biographies, and Stream content available. However, you will have some limitations, you'll not be able to:

  • network with sponsors, speakers nor attendees
  • to create a profile for the event 
  • to have access to the list of attendees
  • if you are a representative, you'll not show in your company's booth

πŸ‘‰Note: If you want to have access to the limitations above, you can click start networking from the People tab. Select the matchmaking categories you're interested in and finalize by creating a description for your profile. If you don't want to receive any kind of meeting request, you can change your networking availability here.


Why should you opt-in in networking

  • To make the most out of Brella and the event that you're attending, we recommend you opt-in in networking already when you initially sign-up. If you skipped the networking then, don't worry, you can still opt-in!
  • Opt-in in networking to have the possibility to meet your new potential colleague, business partner, mentor, etc!

Last updated on July 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


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