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Brella account vs Event Profile

There are two places on Brella where you can input your personal information: 'Your Account' and 'Your Profile'.


What is the difference between account and profile?  
You have one Brella account that will contain your personal information for all events, while you can customize your Brella profile for the specific event you are attending. Essentially, your account's information is your personal information that does not change per event, but your profile is different for each event you attend.

Understand in more detail the difference:

Your account

Your account will display this information in all the events you are joining.

It is where you add your personal info such as email, name, company's name, title, social media profiles, and company's info. So you can think of it as your constant personal info.

You can always access your event account from the top right corner of the web App at next.brella.io.


➡️ From your account, you can update information such as:

  • Account -> Profile photo applied to all events.
  • Personal information: Name, Last Name, Company, Title, Social Media links.
  • Company details
  • Country of operations. 
  • For detailed guides on how to update these, go here.

Your profile

Your profile is unique to the event you're attending. Each event profile will be different but it uses your account to prefill the information, like your name, company, etc.

You can create your introduction and choose the interests & goals for the given event.

👉 You can access your profile settings on the Event Home


👉 or on the People tab from 'You.' 


➡️ From your profile, you can update information such as:

  • Edit your interests - chosen during the registration process
  • Edit your introduction text - helps you find relevant connections
  • Start the joining process to the event again
  • For detailed guides on how to update these details go here.

Last updated on June 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


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