📖 Post-Event

Your Brella event results and exports

Once your event is over, in the admin panel you can see the results, and export insightful lists about attendee engagement, sponsor engagement and view traffic on the streams and sessions.

When setting up your event, it's good to know what insights you will have during and once your event is done for future communications on Brella. You can export different types of lists per type of participant, attendee, and sponsors. You can see who viewed and how long they viewed a specific session for the streams and sessions. 

All of these analytics are life. The analytics will show in the admin panel as soon as the participants are active in your event.

Attendee information and engagement 

In the admin panel, you can see attendee personal information by going to the People tab ➡️ Attendees. Visit this page Exports & Analytics: Attendees to learn how to export the attendee-related files.

  • Attendee information: registration details, name, company name, title, email, nr of meetings.
  • Export attendee engagement information: 1:1 meetings (who met whom)
  • Attendee engagement (in the Home & Analytics tabs )

Matchmaking information

You can view the hot topics, the most chosen categories, and the intents your attendees selected and discussed during your event in the admin panel. Visit this page, Exports & Analytics: Matchmaking, to learn how to export the matchmaking categories selected by your audience.

For live stream & session views

You can see how many times and for how long a participant has watched your event's streams and sessions in the admin panel. Visit this page Exports & Analytics: Live Stream & Session views to learn how to export:

To understand what each metric means and analyze the data based on session time, event day, average time spent duration per day, we invite you to read these articles and learn the analytic definitions and how these work in theory for later put them into practice.

Sponsor information & representative engagement

You can export files from the sponsor's list in the admin panel and export the results during or after the event. During the event, it's better to use the admin panel's dashboard so you can have a first glance. Visit this page Exports & Analytics: Sponsors to learn how to export participants traffic from the virtual booths:

To understand what each metric means and analyze the data based on the virtual booths information, visit the article below.

Last updated on March 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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