Wi-fi and internet connection requirements for the Brella apps to work well

Here we explain the basic current requirements when it comes to wi-fi and internet connection quality at the event venue.

In general, all Brella applications require a good internet connection to provide the best user experience for the users. However, we do keep in mind that sometimes internet connection may get spotty, thus we build products keeping in mind these potential obstacles. We have rather strong resilience against bad internet connections, for example:
  • If a network packet gets lost on the way to the server, we will automatically re-try sending it three times before giving up;
  • We store network packets that we have received in the user's local cache storage and show information from there while we wait for the bad internet connection to deliver fresh data for us - the UI might feel snappy though in this case.
Both web app and mobile app have these capabilities. We have tested our chat UI with a really bad internet connection and recently made improvements there. That being said, the chat is not ideal when the connection is really spotty. On the web app, there is no automatic reconnection when the user is chatting and the connection is lost for more than 5-15 seconds. It's a known issue and we're planning to improve on that side. The mobile app tries to do tricks to re-establish connection and should work much better. Again, this reconnection issue is only on the web app and affects the chats.  

Last updated - February 2024

Written by Nikita Salnikov

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