Welcoming your participants and show how to navigate Brella on your Virtual, In-person or Hybrid event

Tips and tools to create your own welcoming video for your event and a checklist of how to navigate the platform for attendees.

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We know the feeling of using a new tool, and our platform is not an exception. But to create smoother access and experience of your event in the Brella platform for your first-timers attendees; being able to communicate the features, navigation, and how to find the right content. In this article, we would like to show you what and how it's best to explain your Home page or event website as a pre-event video and along the event days.

What value brings a walk-through video, and why?

To summarize the most important benefits of enhancing your event's communication by adding a welcome video. below is a list of points that can give you ideas on what to add to it and why it's important:

  • Increase branding visibility for your own and sponsors
  •  Allows highlighting participating companies (logos in video banner)
  • Perfect to use as a faster communication channel
  • Increase the overall platform engagement

To start with a more visual example, check out our latest company event, Virtual Shake-Up 3.0 walkthrough video, in collaboration with our Partner event.video:

πŸ‘‰Learn how to add a video to your event home page.

Checklist for a walkthrough video about How to use Brella at your event

  1. Welcome words and company presentation
  2. Explain the reason for the video, i.e., Make the most out of the event platform
  3. Start from the most visible part; the Home page. What can be found in it
    - Own profile
    - Upcoming sessions
    - Top Networking suggestions
    - Latest announcements
    - Event Info
  4. What to find in the Event Info section
    - Company website and social media channels
    - How to contact the event organizer
    - Venue information (Access, Floor Map, Security measures, Networking area, Other services)
    - Contact Brella's Tech Support & Help Center
    - Partners info
    - Surveys & Feedback
  5. Why Opt-In is relevant and how the Matchmaking Suggestion work through AI
  6. How to set up the networking availabilitysuggest meetings and statuses
  7. Navigation panel (Tabs) located on the left side of the screen and what to find there
    - Schedule and how to use the filters, tags & locations, and sync calendar
    - Streams (if your event has multiple tracks, specify this) and (OPTIONAL) side panel integrations for Q&/polls and speaker/session slides
    - Where to find the group meetings (OPTIONAL)
    - How to check the Speakers
    - Visit the Sponsors/Partners virtual booths and suggest meetings with their Representatives

Tools for video creation

Not much budget for a video creation?... No worries! There are plenty of tools available online, and for a small subscription amount, you can make a nice-looking video. πŸ’ͺ

Check this list with the most user-friendly and low-cost tools, but it's always up to you to decide which editor to use for your event video.

Additional materials

If you would like to use our company logo, platform mockups, or our company's videos visit the Material Bank site shared in the intro email by our team. Access Brella's visual materials here.


Real examples of welcome videos

We highly encourage our customers to make their own welcome videos! This way, your event keeps the essence of your brand and highlights how much you care about your attendees' experience.

Below you can find real video examples done by some of our clients and get more inspiration!

  • Publicon Events - Video 🌟
  • LendIt Fintech - Video 🀩
  • Container Solutions - Video

Last updated in November 2023.

Written by Rajinda Wijetunge. 

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