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Troubleshooting: Resolve Admin Login Email issues (Magic Link)

Learn how to gain access to your Brella account using your email address on manager.brella.io

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Brella is a passwordless platform, meaning you only need your email address to be able to log in. The platform uses Magic Link technology, a way for you to log in using a link sent to your email address. 


You can use the web app on your computer browser or tablet/iPad/phone browser.

  1. Go to manager.brella.io.
  2. Choose "Continue with Email."

  3. Input your email address and check your inbox for the login email. Click "Login to Brella."

  4. You're in!

💡 If this is your first time in Brella, you can follow the steps to create an account here.

Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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