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Ticketing: Stripe Coupons for Paid Tickets

Learn how to create personalized discounts codes using stripe

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As stripe is our main integration for ticketing, it is vital to understand few key functionalities within the Stripe payment gateway. One of the main features is the discounts coupons which is vital for event organizers to boost participation at the event. Discount coupons are quite often used for marketing purposes in events, and it is also possible through Brellas online event platform a Stripe account. 

How to set up coupons (steps)

  • Access your stripe event dashboard. It can be accessed directly through the admin panel of Brella - click the 'Stripe dashboard' hyperlink from the integrations tab.


  • Click the button + Create a coupon' if this is the first one, or the '+New' button at the top-right of the dashboard.
  • Name the coupon, few examples are 'Early bird tickets', 'Marketing promotion' Group Discounts'.
  • Select the discount type:
    •  Percentage: Meaning that X percent of the ticket value is discounted - 20%

    • Fixed amount: Meaning that X amount of money is discounted - 2€

  • Decide whether to 'Apply to specific products' (ticket type) or for all.

  • Select the 'Duration' of the coupon.

  • Select the 'Redemption limits'. You can choose either one or both.

    • 👉 Limit the date range: Here, you can set a date for the coupon to remain valid.

    • 👉 Limit the total number of times: Here, you can define how many times the coupon can be used. For example, 200 
  • If you enable the 'Codes' section, it entitles you to create a custom code. if not, the system will generate a random code automatically.
    • You can use any name/code of your preference and select the values that apply to that coupon:
  • Click 'Create coupon' at the bottom to save the information

Once your coupon becomes active, participants must input the code upon payment during the purchase process.


Well done on setting up your very first event coupon!

Wish you all the very best for a successful event ahead!

Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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