The Brella registration process step by step

The registration process consists of four steps, which all participants need to follow in order to join your event.


⭐Note: The registration process is fixed and cannot be altered. However, you will have the chance to add your own content in steps 1 and step 4.

The registration process in one video

registration process

Definition of the registration steps

When attendees join Brella, they go through a set of onboarding actions to ensure their event profile is set up optimally and network as efficiently as possible.

1. Welcome Page

This is the first page that participants see when they will start joining your event in Brella. It will contain your event banner uploaded on the Details page and a brief introduction to the platform, followed by opting in or out networking.

If a participant clicks on Start networking, s/he'll be prompted to choose his/her availability for the event, choose matchmaking categories and interests that will match his/her with other participants. As the last step, s/he can finalize creating his/her profile for the event specifically. In the next step, we show you how the process follows.

If a participant clicks on Skip networking, s/he'll be directed immediately to the People's page. When this option is selected, there'll be some functionality limitations.

⭐Tip! Suggest sponsor representatives to opt-in networking from the first time they created their own profile. This will allow them to be displayed in their virtual booth; otherwise, they will not.

2. Availability Page

This step, in particular, is focused on your participant's networking availability. Attendees need to choose their participation dates, as this positively affects the networking experience by reducing the number of canceled meetings or unanswered meeting requests.

The availability page will include all of your event's days, including days that do not have any meeting slot or content slot

3. Interests page

Attendees need to choose the right categories and interests to get matched at your event. This step focuses on displaying all the matchmaking categories that you created to help your attendees find the right match and have meaningful connections for their business endeavors.

To learn more about how this step functions, visit this page to explain everything about Brella matchmaking.

4. Profile page

This is the last step of the registration process, focusing on finalizing the Brella profile specifically for your event. In this step, the participant will have to write a personal introduction and select the countries where she operates. Once that is done, s/he can continue by clicking Start networking, and s/he will be directed to the People page.

5. Lading page: Homepage

After the attendee finalizes his/her profile, s/he will land on the homepage. This page will allow you to customize the first page of the event. See our tips on how to make the most of this feature here.

Attendee registration methods

At Brella, we have two types of attendee registrations that you can choose from.

  1. Open join code/URL
    • Anyone who has this open link can join the event. Highly suggested to be used when there is NOT a strict attendee cap in Brella. 
  2. Invite-only
    • Anyone who has a unique join code provided by you can join the event. Highly suggested to be used when there IS a strict attendee cap in Brella.


Last updated on February 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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