Stream analytics

In the Streams tab on the admin panel, you can see thorough analytics divided per each stream.

If you have placed your event content in the 'Streams' tab in Brella, you can extract extensive viewing data for each stream individually. You can use this data to access the engagement of your content. 

In the Stream tab in the admin panel, you can see the following statistics: 

  • Individual analytics for each stream tab
  • The total time which the user has spent within the stream
  • Duration of each user viewing session

To learn how to read and understand the admin panel's stream analytics, we have created two different articles to help you understand how to read and analyze the data for your streams. Check them out from the below links! 

A Quick Glance to Your Stream Traffic Activity Data

Exports & Analytics: Live Stream & Session views

Understanding your Stream's Brella traffic analytics

🌟 Tip! You can use stream analytics knowledge when you are planning where to place your content in Brella.


Last updated on May 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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