Sponsors: Sponsor analytics

In the Sponsor's tab on the admin panel, you can see thorough traffic analytics, meeting engagement, and representative engagement per sponsor.

If you have sponsors in your event, it is possible to share the participant engagement analytics and the company representatives. Brella collects valuable data on the sponsored activity during the event.

In the Sponsors tab in the admin panel, you can see the statistics of three different entities from your event: 

  • Each representatives engagement 
  • 1:1 meetings between sponsors and participants
  • Sponsor + virtual booth's traffic analytics

To learn how to read and understand the admin panel's sponsor analytics, we have created two different articles for you to help you understand how to read and analyze the data for your event results and ROI. Check them out from the below links! 

🌟Tip!  All data you can export from Brella's Admin Panel brings great value to your Sponsors and their ROI. Hence, motivate your sponsors to be proactive on Brella's App as that will bring valuable insights not only for their team but also their wish to buy tickets to your events in the future!

Last updated on February 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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