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Speakers: Add a speaker profile

Add your event speakers to Brella and match them with their keynote or session in the schedule.

This article covers these topics:

Adding & editing speakers

In the admin panel, you have two possibilities for adding your speakers to the event, either by uploading them with a CSV file in bulk or by adding them manually one by one. Please see the instructions for both cases as well as how you can edit the speakers below. 

  1. Add with the CSV upload
  2. Add manually one by one 
  3. Edit the speakers 
  4. Sort speakers

Add with CSV upload

You can create speaker profiles by importing a CSV file to Brella. To import a list, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the admin panel.
  2. Navigate to People > Speakers and click on Import Speakers.
  3. Then, download the right template by clicking on speakers_template.csv from the modal.

  • The template looks like the image below, and you can start filling in all the columns with company information as follows: 
CSV - speakers template
    • External ID - leave empty
    • First name - mandatory*
    • Middle name - optional
    • Last name - optional
    • Honorific - optional
    • Job title - optional
    • Company name - optional
    • Bio - optional
  • Please note you will have to add the speaker photo manually to the corresponding speakers.
  • A default avatar image will be added if the speaker doesn't have a photo

4.  After you have filled in your template and you have the file in the CSV form, you can go back to the admin panel, and import the speakers. When you add the file to the admin panel, it will load for a couple of seconds before your speakers appear in the list.

👉Note! You can read more on this topic here: Import/Export speakers

Add speakers manually in the admin panel:

  1.  Go to the admin panel
  2. Navigate to the 'People' tab and find the 'Speakers' tab. Then click 'Activate' and start adding your speakers by clicking on '+New speaker.'


For each profile, you can add these details:

  • Honorific
  • First, middle & last names.
  • Title & company name
  • Photo
  • Biography

3.  Once you're finished, press Save. Your speakers will be shown on the Speakers' list and will          get to be seen by attendees as soon as you click 'Save.'

🔍 Note: Only the first and last name is required, but we recommend filling out as much information as possible for each speaker.

⭐ Tip: We recommend adding all speakers first before creating your schedule or adding speakers to your agenda.

After adding all your speakers, you can add your schedule and find all your speakers in a neat list when creating different content slots.

If you already have a schedule created, proceed to the next step to learn how to match them with their respective keynotes.

Edit or Delete speaker profiles

If you need to update speaker profiles after you have uploaded them, you can always do that from the admin panel:

  1. Go to the admin panel and to the 'Speakers' tab in the People tab. 
  2. Find the speaker you wish to edit.
  3. Enter the speaker info from the right side of your screen, from 'Edit'
  4. Make the necessary changes and remember to click 'Save'
  5. To remove the whole profile, click on 'Delete' directly from the speakers' list


Sort Speakers

You can sort your list of speakers from the admin panel by clicking on Name, Job title, or Company name and they'll be displayed in A-Z alphabetical order.

  • You can see 50 speakers per page
  • By default sort the data by the First Name Ascending A -> Z


Linking speakers to the schedule

  • Navigate to the Schedule tab and then to the content slot you want to attach your speaker to. (Learn how to create your schedule here.)
  • Search the speaker on the left-hand side, press Select, then choose their role. You can choose a pre-made role or write your own.
  • You can add as many speakers as necessary, as well as any number of roles.


💡 Note! Speaker details can only be edited from the Speakers tab (on the People tab). We recommend adding all speakers before adding them to your schedule.

If you notice that your speaker's information is incorrect or your speakers change, you can edit them in the speakers' tab (see here). Any changes you make will reflect in your schedule too.

Where speakers are displayed in Brella

Participants can find the speakers in two places: 

  • in the dedicated Speakers tab from the main navigation:

  • from the Schedule card on the sessions that the speakers are linked to:


Last updated on August 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


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