Sponsors - Virtual Booths

Setting up a virtual booth is a great way to help your sponsors and exhibitors attract leads and gain engagement data like regular in-person events.

Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 12.03.12The virtual booths can also be used for other purposes, such as a help desk for your attendees or something totally different.

A virtual booth has four different components:

Each component is independent and can be used or left out depending on your sponsors' sponsorship packages. Each component is explained in more depth below. 

  1. Carousel
  2. Chat
  3. Sidebar integrations
  4. Representatives: Linking sponsor reps to sponsor booths

    ➑️ Get started: Learn how to create Sponsor booths

🌟Tip: As an organizer, you can configure each sponsor booth individually after creating a sponsor profile. This means that you can monetize and tier the features in your own preferred way. For tips, ask your CSM or contact us.

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1. Carousel

This is an excellent way for you to help your sponsors to gain traction through videos and images! This section is the first functionality participants will interact with.

To occupy the carousel, you will need media content from the basics to more complex ones. Sponsors can have images, videos, streams, slides, presentations, PDFs, websites, web pages, surveys, streams; the sky is the limit! 

The only requirement Brella has for these materials is to be embeddable. This article shows you what materials can be embedded in detail, and this article shows you how to retrieve the embedded link from a video.

For images, sponsors can upload images in different formats; jpeg, jpg, and png formats or/and images with an embed link.

❗Note: The traffic analytics will be activated only when you add items to the carousel.

For further details on how this functionality works and how to enable it, visit this article: How to add items to the carousel on the web and mobile app.

πŸ’» Web app view

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πŸ“±Mobile app view

mobile - sponsor booths

2. Chat

By enabling chat in the virtual booth, representatives can easily interact with booth visitors and answer their questions as quickly as possible. In addition, each sponsor has its own independent chat, and you can decide whether to offer that to sponsorship packages or only for a few ones.

☝️Currently, chats are not being stored in Brella. However, you'll be always to see the last 100 messages sent in the chat.

For further details on how this functionality works and enables it, visit this article: Virtual booths: Managing the Chat both on the web and mobile app.

πŸ’» Web app view


πŸ“±Mobile app view




3. Sidebar Integrations

Engagement is the king! Encourage your sponsors to make the most out of their booth and integrate lead capture or an engagement (e.g., polling, Q&A, games) tool in the sidebar. 

Offering this functionality is up to you as the event organizer. However, we highly encourage you to promote this solution, and you can add presentations, polls, Q&As, videos, surveys, pdfs, chat walls, and other tools!

☝️Traffic analytics: Sidebar integrations and Attendee mobile activity are not included in the traffic analytics report yet. It's coming soon.

For further details on how this functionality works and how to enable it, visit this article: Embedding items in the sidebar of the virtual booth.

πŸ’» Web app view


πŸ“±Mobile app view


4. Create Sponsor booths

Creating a sponsor's booth is quick and can be ready in a few minutes in Brella. We recommend importing your sponsor profiles and booth with a csv file. Similarly, you can create sponsors one by one; however, this might take you more time than expected, but it's a great way to make updates.

Choose your preferred way:


Last updated on August 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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