Schedule & Widget: Session Ratings

Learn how to activate session ratings through the admin panel of your event

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Post-event survey questions allow you as the event organizer to gather valuable insights from attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. With Brella you can add session ratings to all your content sessions on the event or a selected few. By gathering session ratings you can identify areas for improvement and enhance future events.

❗Session ratings are only available on the Brella mobile app.

Enable session ratings by default

This setting determines whether session ratings are enabled or not when creating new content slots.

To activate this toggle,

  • Go to the admin panel through
  • Click on the 'Content' tab, 'Schedule'
  • Then go to schedule 'Settings'

After this toggle is enabled, session ratings will be added whenever you add a new content slot to your event schedule.

Enable/Disable session ratings for all slots

This is a quick action to enable or disable session ratings for all existing content slots in your schedule.

To enable/disable session ratings for all slots,

  • Go to the admin panel through
  • Click on the 'Content' tab, 'Schedule'
  • Then go to schedule 'Settings'

You can use the 'Enable for all' option to add ratings to sessions when you have already created several sessions in your event schedule.

The 'Disable for all' option can be used to hide session ratings activated for any session in your event schedule.

πŸ’‘You can enable/disable ratings always per each slot individually, this feature is the group action for all sessions at once.


Enable/Disable session ratings for individual slots

You can enable/disable the session ratings for each individual session using the following steps.
  • Go to the admin panel through
  • Click on the 'Content' tab, 'Schedule'
  • Select the session you want to enable/disable ratings for and click on 'Edit'
  • Go to the 'Preference' tab and enable/disable the 'Enable ratings' toggle

Export session rating data via CSV

You can export session rating analytics data for all rating-enabled content slots in multiple CSV files or for each session of your choice as well. The CSV files will be emailed to your email address.

Export data for all sessions in multiple CSVs

If you use this option available in the 'Schedule' tab settings, you will receive multiple CSV files to your email address which will have session rating analytics for each session of your event schedule.

Export data for individual sessions

Once ratings are enabled for a session, you will see a separate 'Ratings' tab when you click on the 'edit' button of a session. From this tab, you can export the single content’s ratings as a CSV file to your email.

Furthermore, the Time Slots page will show you the average rating for each session in the new 'Ratings' column.


Last updated - June 2024. 

Written by Nisansala Wijeratne. 


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