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Event menu navigation customization

The navigation buttons on the left side of the platform are displayed accordingly to your event components.

The pages that form your Brella event are five. These can be hidden according to the type of event you have.

People pagePeople page

It will display the list of attendees, speakers, sponsor representatives, event organizers, etc., who registered for your Brella event.

Schedule page

It will display the event's program and the networking availability set up by you, the event organizers. Participants can filter and find a session of their interest and all their scheduled and pending meetings on this page.

Stream  page

This page shows the content streams you have for the event and the open chat enabled for all participants of the event.

Speakers page

This page displays the list of speakers.

Partners page

It will show the list of your sponsors in dedicated sponsorship categories. This page's title can be renamed to fit your type of event. 

To change it, navigate to Sponsors in your event admin panel. There will be an option to change the name on the right. Your changes will go live instantly.

More Page

This page will show content that can be added through the custom pages. This section is a great place to add those materials to the event brochure or event-specific instructions.