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Learn what Matchmaking Categories, Interests & Intents are

Brella matchmaking is based on Artificial Intelligence recommendations. Matchmaking allows attendees to select detailed interests, intents, and match with other relevant attendees at your event.

The more event-specific your matchmaking categories and intents, the more efficient the networking experience will be for your audience.

Before you start creating the matchmaking list, let's go through what Matchmaking is about. The Brella Matchmaking is built based on:

  1. Categories are the broad topics that your attendees will network about. Examples are Marketing, Financial Services, or Engineering.
  2. Interests are more detailed or specialized topics that are related to the category. Interests under the Marketing category could include Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, Event/Experiential Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc.
  3. Intents define the goals your attendees want to achieve with each interest they select. There are four intents that you can choose from: Networking, Trading, Recruiting, and Investing.

The matchmaking categories are enlisted in the registration process.

Categories & Interests

These subjects will vary depending on the type of attendees, sector, sponsors, session topics, etc. The categories and interests should be created simultaneously as they go hand in hand.

πŸ‘‰For example, the category is "Marketing," and the Interests are subcategories that go under the category and are relevant for your participants, in this case, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Marketing automation.


🎯If you don't know where to start, opt for one of the 16 templates and start from there.



Think of intents as the goals your attendees want to achieve at your event or their purpose for attending. You can choose between four intents: 

πŸ’‘ Networking - People who are looking to exchange ideas about a certain topic.

πŸ”„ Trading - People who are looking for what they're offering among all participants.

πŸ”Ž Recruiting - People who are searching for a job or vice-versa.

πŸ“ˆ  Investing - People who are looking for an investor or vice-versa.

These intents help your attendees find the best people to meet. Attendees who are looking for a job related to interest will match with attendees offering jobs related to that interest, and so on. These intents ensure more relevant matches for your attendees, increasing their satisfaction at your event.


❗Intents are not customizable. The reason for this is that the matchmaking algorithm is based on the categories, interests, and intents, which means that the algorithm has to been set to follow certain "rules." In other words, the algorithm recognizes that a person that chooses the intent "to get investment" should be matched with a person that chooses " invest in this" as their intent. For this reason, customizable would be very tricky, as the algorithm would need to be told how these intents should affect matchmaking attendees together.

Interests and intents will be selected during the registration

Just after opting-in, networking will need to choose the categories, interests, and intents for the event. Watch the video to see how an attendee interacts with it.

❗If attendees don't opt-in for networking, then they will not have to complete this list.