Virtual booths: Enable & manage live chat for booths

Increase attendee engagement by enabling a live chat for sponsors. Select a sponsor, 'Edit Details', and enable chat for this specific sponsor.

Live chat allows sponsor representatives to send messages and connect with other participants through the virtual booth. All participants can ask questions regarding products/services presented, new features released, and share their own ideas.

Enable Live chat on a booth:

  1. Go to Admin Panel (,
  2. Navigate to the Sponsors tab and select the sponsor, 
  3. Select 'Edit Details' in the top right,
  4. Select 'Enable chat,'
  5. Your sponsor now has a live chat on the virtual booth.

Now attendees can engage and chat with sponsors and their reps, react to their comments with emojis and easily find them, and book meetings.


πŸ‘‰Note: Live chat can be enabled per sponsor card. This might give you a chance to prioritize some of your sponsors by providing more features to them. 

Managing & limitations with Live Chats

Chats can be managed by all admins or event managers in Brella. They will be able to do it from their own Brella accounts. No need to go to the admin panel!

🌟Tip: Assign a control team to supervise that the chats are good, positive, and appropriate!

  • When can I enable live chats?
    You can enable live chats for virtual booths. You can enable a live chat 1 week before the event or the same day of the event; that is up to you.
  • How can I filter the messages in the chat?
    You can't filter them, but you will always see the first latest 100 messages created in the chat.

 βš‘️Note! Chat messages are not recorded or downloaded from the admin panel. But you can always see the last 500 messages.

  • How to delete an inappropriate message?
    If you'd like to delete an inappropriate message, click on it, and then click 'Delete message.'

Last updated on April 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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