Language options on Brella

Brella is currently only in the English Language.

If you want to hold your event in a different language on Brella, there are many places that are customizable text-wise, only the basic navigation is in English and currently cannot be customized.

Examples of text space you are in control of: 

  • Matchmaking
  • Schedule - Titles for your content as well as your text content 
  • Sponsors - Tab title and virtual booths
  • Announcements and other Event info

If you want to know more about how Brella could be used in your event in a different language you can always contact our sales team to talk more about your choices and a potential partnership! 

❓For translation purposes, you can use third-party tools of your choice with Brella. Examples of these tools are Interprefy and Wordly. Many attendees also use their browser in-built translators, which can work as an alternative for your non-English speaking attendees. Find out more options here.

Last updated in February 2021. 

Written by Wendy RendΓ³n



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