Sponsors: Import & export sponsor profiles and booths

You can now import sponsor's profiles and booths with a few clicks. Edit multiple profiles at once by exporting a csv file from the admin panel.

You can import your sponsor's profiles and booths with a csv file. Follow the instructions below to learn how to do it. If you come across any pitfalls, let us know or review the limitations.


In a nutshell:

  1. Create Sponsorship categories.
  2. Export the sponsor template
  3. Add all required columns:
    1. For the sponsor profile:  Name, Category, Subtitle, Category, Enable chat, Website - only URL - optional, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Content (Description) and Logo following the steps in Importing Sponsors.
    2. For the booth, Carousel and Sidebar, only public links are accepted.
  4. Once ready, import the file by going to Settings and click Import sponsor csv.

Tutorial video


Importing Sponsors

You can create sponsor profiles and booths by importing a CSV file to Brella.

To import a list, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Sponsors > go to Categories.
    ❗Before importing the list of sponsors, you need to create sponsorships categories so these are aligned with the existing category names.❗
  3. Once the categories are created, go to Settings and click on Import Sponsors.
  4. Then, download the template by clicking on "sponsors_template.csv."

  • The template looks like the image below, and you can start filling in all the columns with company information as follows: 

    1. Name  - company name - mandatory ❗

    2. Category - industry - optional
    3. Subtitle - no longer than 75 letter - optional
    4. Category - mandatory❗
      *The Category field will try to match with the existing Sponsor Category in the admin panel. If the category doesn't exist, a new category will be created. If no category is provided, an 'uncategorized' category will be created, and the sponsor is added there.
    5. Enable chat - Yes or No (value) - optional
    6. Website - only URL - optional
    7. Facebook - only URL - optional
    8. Twitter -  only URL - optional
    9. Linkedin - only URL - optional
    10. Content (Description) - optional
      *Doesn't include images.

      The booth columns (3) are not in the template but can be added:
    11. Logo - only public URL - optional
      *You can add one link*
    12. Carousel - only embedded URL - Booth
      *You can add multiple links separated by pipe character: "|"
    13. Sidebar -  only embedded URL - Booth
      *You can add multiple links separated by pipe character: "|" 

    ❗Booth links have to be public links that don't need a password or a private network.

    Export sponsors profiles

    Likewise, the Sponsors list and basic content can be exported into a CSV. The data is in a compatible format to be imported back. This export conserves the rich text formatting in the Description field.

    To export the sponsor's list, you need to:

    1. Go to the Admin panel.
    2. Navigate to Sponsors > Settings and click on Export Sponsors.
    3. Then, click on "Export .zip at Export Sponsors".

    ❗The booth columns (Logo, Carousel, and Sidebar) are not exportable. But, still, you can update booths by adding the columns and the corresponding links aligned to the sponsor company.

      Adding new sponsors with a CSV file

      1. To add new sponsors, go to the admin panel.
      2. Navigate to the event, and go to the Sponsors tab.
      3. Go to your event and download the existing sponsor list,
      4. Then add the missing sponsors (leaving the ID column untouched),
      5. Import the CSV file, go to Settings and click on Import Sponsors.
      6. Done. Refresh your page if requested!


      To add images and other digital content to the booth:

      • If you are importing images, ensure the images are stored in a file storage service (i.e, Google Drive or Brella), especially for the logo, carousel, and sidebar sections. The URL/link has to be a public link that doesn't need a password or a private network.
      • If you are importing websites, pdfs, slides, brochures, etc. These have to be embeddable and also be stored in a file storage service.
      • If you are importing websites, you simply need to add the website link.
      • Booth columns (Logo, Carousel, and Sidebar) are only importable.

      Last updated on April 2021. 

      Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


      If you didn’t find an answer to your questions, please contact the Support Team here.