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Speakers: Import & export list

You can now import speakers profiles with a few clicks, and edit multiple profiles at once by exporting a csv file from the admin panel.


πŸ” You add the first draft of the speaker's list to your event but cannot update the profiles with a csv file. 

Importing Speakers

You can create speaker profiles by importing a CSV file to Brella. To import a list, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the admin panel.
  2. Navigate to People > Speakers and click on Import Speakers.
  3. Then, download the right template by clicking on speakers_template.csv from the modal.
CSV - speakers
  • The template looks like the image below, and you can start filling in all the columns with company information as follows: 

    • External ID - optional - This code helps your track this speaker details from another software.
    • First name - mandatory❗
    • Middle name - optional
    • Last name - mandatory ❗
    • Honorific - optional
    • Job title - optional
    • Company name - optional
    • Bio - optional

4. Once you have the file ready, click on Import Speakers

5. Refresh your page, and start adding speakers photos.

πŸ‘‰ If you need to do updates, it's best you edit these manually.

Exporting Speakers

It is also possible to export the speaker's profiles in a compatible format for the Import. Rich Text formatting (bold, italic) in the Biography field is converted into an Object notation to be compatible with importing back to the system.

To export the speakers' list, you need to:

  1. Go to the admin panel.
  2. Navigate to People > Speakers and click on Export Speakers.
  3. Then, click on export .zip at Export Speakers.

πŸ‘‰Note! When you export this file from the admin panel, it will look a bit different. You will have 3 new columns:

  • Id is an ID of each profile you create in the admin panel. You can find the ID by exporting the speaker's list.
  • External Id works like a customizable ID. You can use this column to have your own IDs (for example, in your CRM). This way, you can always use External IDs - Brella IDs will be created, but you can ignore them since it will be possible to identify each profile by the external ID.
  • The External ID & ID columns work; similarly, the only difference is that with the Brella ID, you have to automatically use the ID given to a profile in the admin panel, whereas with the External ID, you can use whatever ID you want. If you want to use Brella IDs, leave the External ID column blank. If you want to use External IDs, leave Brella IDs blank.
  • Bio format is the content format field that informs Brella that the content in the description/bio field is in object notation. It should be left empty if importing text.

Adding new speakers with a csv file

To add new speakers:
  1. You need to download the template again,
  2. Add the missing speakers (do not include the existing speakers),
  3. And import the CSV file again by following the importing speakers' list.

❗At the moment, it's NOT possible to update speaker profiles with a csv file. You can edit speakers manually.

    Last updated on February 2021. 

    Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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