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How Participants See Announcements & Notifications in Brella

All event announcements or push notifications can reach your attendees in two ways.

We have some examples of how your announcements may look on different devices, events, and screens.

πŸ” Note: To receive announcements, your attendees need to enable notifications on their Brella account.

Announcements on the Brella Web App (next.brella.io)

The event notifications will appear on the Event Home page and the bell icon (right top corner).


Announcements that haven’t been seen will be reflected on the bell icon (see photo below). As soon as they are seen, the red button will disappear.


Announcements on the Brella app on iOS

The phone model and iOS version may affect the look and feel of the notifications, but these are how the announcements should look with the most current version of iOS.

This is a push notification visible from the lock screen.


And this is what the attendee sees when opening the notification.

Image from iOS

Announcements on the Brella app on Android

While there may be variations betwAndroid devices,e is one example of a push notification visible from the lock screen (dark mode enabled).


And this is how it may look when opening the notification.



Last updated on June 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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