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Event Details: Find the Event URL

Learn how to find and share the event URL/join code link with attendees, sponsors and speakers to join the event.

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Privacy and security are key features of the Brella event app. Taking this into consideration we have enabled a secure yet easy method to invite and provide access to your selected list of event attendees. 

How to locate and share the Join Code Link (steps)


For public events, the join link is common for all. This will be shown to you in the top left of your admin page.     




For private events, the join link is unique to each individual for added security.

In this case, the link shown on the home page will lead to the "people's" tab to access the individual join link codes to share.                                                                                                                                          

How to access the individual join codes :

  1.  Click on the Peoples tab from the left menu
  2. Select the invites tab 
  3.  Click on the copy button next to the join code of each individual. This will copy the direct join code link to share as shown in the above video. 

Note: Please ensure that you share the correct join code with each individual based on the number of seats set per join code. If the same join code is accidentally shared with multiple attendees in a private event, only the first person to use it will be able to access the event and the other attendees will receive an error message from the system. 

Now you are all set to send out your invites to your attendees. Best wishes for a successful event ahead!

Last updated - July 2023. 

Written by Purnima Jayasuriya 


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