2. Setting Up Your Event Details

Start editing your Event Details

Once your event has been created, you can start editing your event details and build the event in the Admin panel.

You now have access to your event; the first thing you should do is update your event details. Your event has the bare minimum details, which are (Title, Date, Event duration, Time Zone) to get you started.

To start off building your event, ensure the basic information is correct by following the steps below.

If you need to make some changes to the event details after the first check-up - go to Details you can change while building your event in Brella.

Let's start updating your event details!

There are 6 steps for you to go through to start building your event.

  1. Start by login into the admin panel clicking to 'Add event details.'

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  2. Continue with checking the name of your event as well as the industry.

    New name
  3. Check that the date and duration of your event are correct.  Also, update your timezone, region, country, and city if needed. For example, choose a time zone that specifies a city (GMT+2:00 - Helsinki) since choosing a general time zone (GMT-5:00) EST may be affected by the Daylight Saving Time.

  4. Next, choose your event type and enable meeting slots.

    🚨Note! You can choose your event type as Virtual, in-Person, and Hybrid. Once you select this, your event will be configured with the right functionalities for you event organizers and participants. You can read more about the changes here.

  5. Choose how you want your attendees to join your event.
    πŸ” Note: We recommend using an abbreviation of your event with the current year or your event hashtag. The attendees will join your Brella event either by inputting the join code in the Brella app or by using a direct link that you will provide to them.

  6. Finally, click Save.

Details you can change while building your event in Brella

❗Note: Once you have invited attendees to the event in Brella, you'll need to consider a few points before making any changes to the event details. Go here!

  • Event name
    This category will be the title of your event in Brella.
  • Join code 
    This category is essential as this will be the join code for all attendees. If you want to change the join code, please read how you can do it here.
  • Invite-only functionality
    By checking this box, your event has changed the registration method to unique join codes. This means attendees must use a unique join code. Learn more about unique join codes here.
  • Date
    This category will define the start day of your event. It'll be the first day that contains content or networking slots in the schedule of the event. If, for any reason, you need to change the date of your event, you can do so by moving the dates. If you already have content for the event, please go here
  • Duration (days)
    An event in Brella can last up to 14 consecutive days. During these days, you'll be able to share content, and attendees will be able to network with enabled meeting slots.
  • Time zone
    This category will affect the event schedule, meetings, announcements. Inform participants to consider the time zone differences.
  • You will be required to select the City, Country, Region, and Industry of your event as well.
  • After making any changes to your event, click Save to keep the changes.


Last updated on September 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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