3. Building Your Event


In this tab you can pre-schedule announcements and schedule reminder emails for Brella registered participants.

To be covered:

  1. Emails 
  2. Announcements


1. Emails

Send an event reminder email through Brella one day before the event starts! It will boost attendee engagement and empower them to use Brella.

Learn how to do it here ðŸ‘‡

Send reminder emails to attendees who have pending meeting requests. This may prompt them to accept or decline a meeting request, which improves the overall networking experience.

Learn how to do it here ðŸ‘‡

2. Announcements

Event announcements are messages that Brella registered participants will receive as push notifications on their browser or mobile. This will depend on the type of app they are using for your event.

Announcements will only reach participants who have allowed notifications on their Brella account and their devices (desktop and mobile).

Participants will receive these notifications only if they have been enabled to receive notifications on their Brella account. Additionally, the participants can only receive these notifications if their devices are connected to the Internet.

You can send announcements instantly or schedule them for a specific time.


Last updated on November 2023.

Written by Rajinda Wijetunge. 

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