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Registration methods for your attendees

You can invite all participants to your Brella event by either sharing one open join code/link or a unique join code/link for each participant.

The registration method refers to how attendees, speakers, sponsors, and admins join your event in Brella. 

The open join code link is created on the Details page when creating/editing your event for the first time. The open join code will be accessible by anyone who has the open join link. On the other hand, the unique join codes will have to be created one by one separately in the People tab- Invites.

Below you can see how the join code + URL and the join code look:

  • URL: https://next.brella.io/join/CODE123 
  • Join code: CODE123

⭐ Tip! When sending out registration emails, if you use the 'Open join code,' it's better to send the whole open URL. If you are using the unique join code, send the URL (next.brella.io) and the 'Join code' only. This will make the registration easier for your attendees. Read more about this topic here.

The open join link and code

The event password is the same join code for all event participants. You can create and edit the join code in the 'Details' tab in the admin panel, and it will always be displayed in the 'Overview' tab.

The benefits & cons of using this method are:

  • All the attendees will join with only one join code/link to the event.
  • Your event can be accessed by anyone who receives the join link/code; the access is not monitored.
  • This is a faster way to invite attendees to the event.
  • You can customize the URL. For more information, visit this page

The unique join link and code (invite-only)

With unique join codes functionality, you can generate unique join codes in Brella for each attendee and is the most secure way to give access to your event. 

You can generate unique join codes for all your event's participants by adding the join codes manually or with the CSV file option in the People's tab- Invites.

The benefits & cons of using this method:

  • Attendees will access the event with a unique join code to determine the number of "seats" for each attendee. Each seat represents a ticket; once used to register, it will be used, just like a concert ticket. We explain to you how this works here.
  • Note! You will have to send the join codes through your email system. Brella doesn't send any emails out for the registration.
  • ⭐Tip! It's the best way to control the registration traffic in Brella for your event. If you have a strict attendee cap, use this registration method.
  • You can read more about unique join codes on how to create and use them.

After choosing a registration method for your participants, then it's time to prepare how to deliver the invitation emails. For that, we have created a clear manual on what you should consider when drafting your invitations in this article


Last updated on February 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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