Platform checklist before inviting Attendees to your event

Before you invite your attendees to the platform, you can go through these steps to ensure everything is looking great on the platform.

We know you will do a platform checkup before your event starts, but we wanted to share some tips and tricks on how you can make your platform check the best ever!  

It is recommended you go through this checklist with both the event side and the admin panel open, so you can make instant corrections and see how everything looks for your attendees.

Platform check-up by tab before the event is launched:

Event details:

  • Check your event dates and duration. Remember that new attendees can join the platform only until the last date of the event. Before your event starts, you can extend the duration of the event.
  • Make sure your timezone is added to Brella according to the city. This way daylight savings will transfer automatically in your event. Example: Instead of choosing timezone (GMT+02:00) EET  pick (GMT+02:00) Europe/Helsinki from the list.

🌟Additional tip! If you are only hosting a one-day event, but feel like your attendees would like to network more days than one, remember you can extend the event duration up to 14 days. 


  • Check that all your categories have interests, and all interests have intents. 
  • Check for spelling errors and typos.
  • We recommend you go through the registering process yourself before the event starts, to make sure you understand the process for the attendees. 

🌟Additional tip! Once your attendees are entering the platform, keep a close eye on the engagement metrics. If the engagement looks low, push this in your communication. 

Meeting slots:

  • Check you have meeting slots opened for the times that fit the schedule. 
  • Check you have correct meeting slot tags in place if you have added them. 

🌟Additional tip! Remember the hosted buyer program on our platform. You can help your sponsors to set up meetings with just a few clicks. 


  • Check your event schedule and that it makes sense to your attendees, and for each session, the attendees understand what is the content and where on the platform each session can be found.
  • Check you have placed the correct locations and tags for each slot

🌟Additional tip! If you yet have not, add our agenda widget to your event website. 

Sponsor virtual booths:

🌟Additional tip! Share our Help Center materials with your sponsors which can help them succeed further in the event. 

Sponsor Ads:
  • Check your sponsor ads are the correct ones, have logos and introductions, and that their display shares are correct ones.
  • Check that all your ads are showing on the event home page.

🌟Additional tip! Remember you can monitor the success of your sponsor ads easily, see more info here: Monitor sponsor ads

Streaming setup:
  • Test your streaming setup and see for yourself how it will look to your attendees.
  • Enable the chat for streams if that is your plan. 

🌟Additional tip! Already before your event, you can pay attention and start arranging your streaming analytics to be able to analyze them after the event. 

Breakout rooms: 
  • Check that your breakout room times and opening hours are correct. 
  •  Check that you have shared the host URL with the moderators of the rooms.

🌟Additional tip! Share the best practices for breakout rooms with your hosts. Tips for example in the following articles: 

Monitor breakout room access

Testing the breakout room as a host

Event info:

  • Check that you have troubleshooting steps ready and other necessary info available for your attendees.
  • You can highlight your website or polls also in this section.
  • Also, ensure your event participants can contact you easily if they have any questions. Add your contact information to the event info and they are available already on the Home page. 

🌟Additional tip! Our Brella team wants your event attendees to have the best experience on the platform. You can add our contact information to the event info section with the following details:

Contact the Brella support team directly here: Contact us


🌟Additional tip! The event announcements are a quick and easy way to send reminders to your attendees during the event. During breaks encourage your attendees to explore sponsor booths and set up meetings. 

Remember that changes you make in the admin panel will reflect instantly on the event side once you refresh the page. Therefore, last-minute updates are easy to do! 

Success with your event! πŸš€

Last updated on February 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


If you didn’t find an answer to your questions, please contact the Support Team here.