Checklist: 5 steps to launch your event

The Overview tab's checklist has the 5 essential tasks that you need to complete before launching your event successfully.

The checklist that will appear on the tab until the first start date of your event has started, and on the right side, you'll see a tutorial video that you can use as a go-to guide while building your event up in Brella at any time.

    Each step contains an important element of your event. We highly suggest you adopt these to make the most of Brella. Note that some of these elements are compulsory despite the type of event you are having. Other elements are optional, depending on your event needs.

    How to use it?

    When you complete a step, check it ✅ and continue to complete the next one until you reach the 'Launch your event by sharing the join links.'

    🔍 Note: Brella will not track these automatically. Use this list at your own pace.

    Your next steps

    Check off each step once completed. The first three steps are required for launch!

    1. 👉 Check details and add a banner (cover photo). (Compulsory)

      • Add your event's details, add a cover photo and event's logo to your event in the Details tab. These are essential elements that give your event a unique and personal touch. Learn how to edit the details of your event here.
    2. 👉 Set up matchmaking (Compulsory)

      • This element is essential for networking. If it's not enabled before the launch of your event, participants will not select their interests and, therefore, will not get matched accordingly. By not enabling this feature, you'll lose important data about your event.
      • Learn how to create matchmaking categories here. If you need help with creating these, contact your CSM. 🙂
    3. 👉 Add the meeting slots for networking (Compulsory)

      • Create at least a few meeting slots for participants to network and find relevant connections at your event.
      • The meeting slots' limit is 270 in the Schedule regardless of the length of your event.

    4. 👉 Add speakers(optional) and complete your schedule (Compulsory)

      • Speakers are optional and can be added to the People's tab. If you add a speaker, you can add his photo, biography, and social media links, allowing participants to see the list of sessions they're linked to. Learn how to create speakers here
      • The schedule is compulsory. You need to add at least a few content slots or meeting time slots to allow participants to interact with the content and book 1:1 meetings. Learn how to create your schedule here.
    5. 👉  Add sponsors and set up virtual booths (Optional)
      • You can add as many sponsors, partners, or exhibitors in the sponsors' tab. Creating at least a profile with a name and a log will expose their brand to your event. Learn how to create sponsors here.
    6. 👉 Launch your event by sharing the join link(s). 🎉
      • Once you have completed all of these steps, you're ready to launch your event, and you can tick the last step! Congratulations! 🙌

    Last updated on February 2021. 

    Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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