Can there be a delay for a live stream to load on Brella?

It depends on the streaming solution you are using. On average, a video stream from third-party tools loads from 10 to 30 secs later than the actual video.

The delay varies depending on the streamer's and viewer's internet connection and geographical location.

πŸ’‘ Tips to reduce the delay while streaming, you can suggest participants and your team to:

  • Use a wired connection. If possible, connect your computer or laptop to your wireless Internet router using an Ethernet cable.

  • Close down bandwidth-intensive programs to ensure you have enough capacity to stream smoothly. (Anything necessary while streaming)

    • The minimum bandwidth that our platform requires to run is 3-5Mbps bandwidth, the minimum for watching streams. Without watching a stream, it can be less.
  • Pause downloads (such as any updates) may be running in the background and turn off background updating programs.

  • If you are in a place with lots of other people, you’ll also want to ask them to pause their downloads & updates or wait until they’re done before you start streaming.


Last updated on May 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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