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I Don’t Receive the Authentication Email in My Inbox. What Should I Do?

An attendee may not receive a magic link email immediately after requesting one. This is usually due to a spam filter holding onto the email before eventually displaying it in the attendee's inbox.

Sometimes, network restrictions prevent our automated emails from coming through due to a strict corporate firewall setup, as there is spammer deny lists. Organizations enable this type of security to block unwanted or unknown emails.

To solve this issue, please add our domains to your computer:

  • Public email
    If you're using a public email (such as @gmail.com, @yahoo.com)*, add the below to your email contacts list, then re-request a login email if needed:
    • noreply@brella.io
    • noreply@trymagic.com
  • Enterprise or corporate email
    If you are using an enterprise or business email, ask your company's IT team to allowlist our domain:
    • *@brella.io
    • *@trymagic.com

If neither of these methods work, please reach out to us! It's possible that you accidentally reported one of our messages as spam, resulting in our SMTP provider being unable to deliver any additional emails to your address. If that's the case, please register for our newsletter on our website.

🌟  Tip: If your company or personal email belongs to Google or Microsoft, you can use it as an authentication method to skip the magic link verification system. Check here how to do it.

Last updated in January 2022. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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