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Image file format and dimensions for your Brella event

You can include images on different sections of your event on Brella. Thus, get the right dimensions so your materials look top-notch.



Cover photo

Home page Image and Video


  • The recommended size for images set in the sessions (content slots) is 1000x650px for optimal quality.
  • Max file size is 5MB. PNG / JPG / JPEG format is recommended.
  • See how the images will look on the sessions here.


Event info pages

πŸ‘‰ Adding embedded videos on the schedule description and event info is not allowed; instead, you can add hyperlinks.


  • The recommended size for the sponsors' logos is 1000x650px for optimal quality. On Brella, the logo has a 200x200.
    • πŸ“ŒFor large-size Sponsor booths only: A 3:1 or 1200x400px cover image should provide an optimal quality on all screen sizes.
  • Max file size is 5MB. PNG / JPG / JPEG format is recommended.

Virtual booths

  • Carousel section
    • Images can be uploaded and added as a link. The recommended file size is 16:9 in png, jpg, jpeg, or gif format. It's recommended images of 737x600px; however, note that the image in the iframe will adapt to your screen size and port.
    • If you add an image with an URL, it could be bigger in size as it will adapt accordingly, thanks to the iframe. Here you can watch how pictures and other materials look in the carousel section.
  • Sidebar section

🚨 Note! If you come across issues regarding image sizing or other materials, go to find solutions for virtual booth material errors.


Last updated on October 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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