2. Setting Up Your Event Details

What is Networking Area?

The networking area is the heart of the event where people can meet, gather, exchange ideas, and make meaningful connections onsite.

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When hosting an on-site event, we recommend assigning one division of the venue to the event's networkers, a centric place where people can meet, gather, exchange ideas, and make meaningful connections through Brella.

πŸ—οΈ What’s the value of the networking area? - Essentially having a dedicated area in the venue makes it super easy for people to find each other at the event. Brella assigns table numbers automatically when the meeting is accepted.

The Networking Area should have numbered tables that help participants go to a specific place and find a quick spot, table, or couch to meet their match. Participants can see the table numbers in the accepted meeting details.

Participants will have a map on the Brella App to find their way to the Networking Area and their way around the venue. We recommend having high tables in the area or a clear numbered structure to help participants find each other.

This article will help you find the formula for calculating the approximate number of tables/spots for your event size and how to add them on the Admin Panel. Lastly, we have some tips when adding this area to your event.

❗ This is for in-person and hybrid events only.

    How to enable Networking Area in Brella?

    The Networking Area is arranged by the organizer and Brella will take care of the meeting arrangements. You just need to select the right type of event and enable Tables and a Meeting Area Map.

    Let's start with enabling Tables.

    1. Go to the Admin Panel.
    2. Navigate to Details and select your event type as In-person or Hybrid.
    3. Then, go to Content ➑️ Schedule and click on Settings.

    4. Enable tables.
    5. Calculate the table count you need for your event with this formula.
    6. Once ready, input your Table count.

    7. Last, choose the Name meeting points. This depends on what type of meeting points you will use. We suggest tables as it is more convenient for the networking experience.

    Tips for the Networking Area

    • We recommend including instructions posters. To avoid questions about join code onsite, print your poster and add it to the registration desk.
    • We recommend including signs at the venue for awareness.

    ⭐ Find visuals and templates for the Networking Area on the MATERIAL BANK - you can find it on the Brella Welcome email or contact us; we can share it with you!

    Add a Venue Map on Event info - Custom pages

    To help on-site participants find their way around the venue. You can also add the venue map in the Info Event Pages, where the map can be visible from the Event Homepage.

    To learn how to customize the area map you can click on Customization: Area Map.



    Last updated in November 2023.

    Written by Yusra Mohideen

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