Master the Sponsor Experience - Guide

It's fundamental to onboard your associates to the platform so they know how to make the most of Brella. We walk you through the sponsor experience from receiving the invitation email to post-event.

We created this guide to help you understand the journey your sponsors, exhibitors, partners will go through when joining Brella for the first time until the event is over.

The steps in this article will walk you through all Sponsor-Brella touchpoints where you as the organizer can influence how your associates can see a real return on investment results. Find a takeaway note per step to strive for a better sponsor experience, and apply it in your communications plan.

Before going to the first step, let's clarify that the sponsor journey had started when they confirmed their engagement in your event. Then, you will share the sponsorship specifics they opted in, which vary but usually, these include:

  • a virtual booth or an onsite booth
  • # of representatives at the event
  • platform benefits for representatives (breakout rooms, sponsor ads, etc.)
  • brand exposure
  • data reports
  • user support, etc.

The sponsorship packages are designed by you, the organizer. To onboard your sponsors, you can use the sponsor's deck and a list of product features to form your packages found in the Material Bank.

If you cannot find it, contact the support team, we're happy to guide you.

Let's start! πŸš€ 


  1. Receiving the invite email & signing up to Brella
  2. Creating a robust profile
  3. Landing on the event home page
  4. Exploring & preparing the Sponsor booths
  5. Exploring the People page
  6. Setting up 1:1 meetings
  7. Exploring the Schedule page
  8. Watching the Streams page
  9. Joining & moderating a Breakout room
  10. Post-event
  11. BONUS: Make the most of Brella as a Sponsor Representative

1. Receiving the invite email & signing up to Brella πŸ“§

Sponsors will get the email invitation with a join code & link to access Brella from the organizer. Sponsors should receive clear instructions on how to log in to Brella and both the join code and join link. For example:

  • Join URL: 
  • Join code: CODE123

πŸ‘‰ After receiving the email, the sponsors should proceed, and 1) click on the join link and create an account OR 2) go to and create an account and then input the join code.

    • If the sponsors have an existing account, they can proceed with their account by selecting the same sign-in method and email when created.
    • If they don't have one yet, they can create a Brella account by following these steps. They can join Brella through the Web App or Mobile App, both land on the same sign-in page.

🎯Take away

It's recommended to include a how-to sign to Brella instructions in the email and joins with a join code and a join link. The first impression counts!

Joining through the Brella Web App 
Joining through the Brella Mobile App

2. Creating a strong profile πŸ‘€

πŸ‘‰ After creating an account, sponsors land on the event's welcome page, followed by the Brella registration process.

When sponsors join Brella, they go through four steps: 1) Welcome, 2) Availability, 3) Interests, 4) Profile, to ensure their event profile and networking possibilities are set up optimally.

🎯Take away

For sponsors, steps 3 and 4 are imperative to create a robust profile, so attendees feel welcomed and willing to engage with them. There are some tips for representatives on creating a strong profile here. Feel free to share!

participant registrtion for a brella event


3. Landing on the event homepage 🏠

πŸ‘‰ After the registration is completed, sponsors will land on the event home page

This page is the engagement portal for all participants to access any area of the event.

🎯Take away

Learn how this page can benefit you, as the organizer and the sponsors. Make the most of your event homepage!

new home screen


4. Exploring & preparing the booths πŸ—ΊοΈ

While sponsors will have the same registration process as the attendees in Brella, they will spend most of their time on their sponsor booth and the people's page.

As a representative, ensure to:

Attendees will glance at different virtual booths to meet new people, do business and learn something new. To be seen, sponsors need to stand out for attendees to visit their booths. Therefore, please encourage them to be creative. What can I add to a virtual booth?

🎯Take away

Sponsors need to get acquainted with the booth elements and know how they can make the most of it. Therefore, it's vital that you as the organizer guide them through the booth and, if possible onboard them altogether.



5. Exploring the People page πŸ‘₯

πŸ‘‰ When sponsors land on this page, they will have access to the participant's list.

Sponsors will first see their top matches based on the interests and intents chosen during the registration process. Also, they can see the recently joined attendees (Newest) and can bookmark people interested in follow-ups or suggest a meeting post-event.

What's more, they can use the Filter to find people per interest and intend to explore the list of people they can meet with. Our matchmaking has four intent, so you can filter people by networking, trading, investing, and recruiting.

❗If the sponsors didn't enable networking, they could not see this page and not be linked to their booths. So to see this page, they need to Opt-in in networking.

🎯 Take away

Encourage sponsors to opt-in networking at the time of registration. This will allow them to connect with others before the event begins. You can also inform your attendees and sponsors that they can filter people according to the matchmaking categories, interests, and intents. 

exploring peoples page

6. Setting up 1:1 meetings 🀝

πŸ‘‰ Web app

From the People's page, sponsors can suggest meetings to others whether they have common interests or not. On this page, they can connect with anyone who has open available meeting slots in their profile.

The sponsors will easily suggest a meeting by clicking on Suggest meeting on a profile card. 

Sponsors can learn how the 1:1 meetings work by reading this guideline: Understanding the Brella Meetings.

🎯 Take away

Explain to sponsors how to suggest meetings in 3 simple steps.


πŸ‘‰ Mobile app
From the People tab, sponsors can check their most relevant connections and decide if they would like to have a meeting with someone from the matches list by clicking Suggest meeting


7. Exploring the Schedule page πŸ“…

πŸ‘‰ When sponsors land on this page, they will have access to the event's agenda and their networking availability set by the event organizer.

They can search and filter sessions and networking time slots and set their networking availability after registration to allow other participants to send meeting requests before and during the event.

Additionally, sponsors can use the filter section to:

The sponsors can also find more details on sessions and speakers from the schedule. Learn more about what a session or content slot contains.

🎯 Take away

Ensure to inform the attendees that they can see session and speakers information on this page; they can also create their own schedule with bookmarks, set their networking availability for the event, and synchronize the event agenda with her personal agenda.


8. Watching the Streams page πŸ“Ί

πŸ‘‰ When sponsors land on this page, they will have access to the event's content, whether it is a live stream or pre-recorded video. The tab is usually enabled before the first day of the event with a Welcome video.

🎯Take away

Each event at Brella is unique, so we encourage you to brief attendees on your event content. Also, learn what access points there are for the Streams tab of your event.


9. Joining and moderating a Breakout room πŸšͺ

πŸ‘‰In the Breakout room tab, sponsors can find different virtual"rooms" that work as meeting points for all participants. They can find coffee breaks, workshops, roundtables, and much more!

As an organizer, you can offer a breakout room session only for top sponsors. However, you will also need to show associates how to get acquainted with the tool and how it works to run everything smoothly.

A breakout room has a capacity of 100 participants, including 3 moderators. If you offer sponsors the opportunity to demo their solutions, explain the difference between Attendee and Host URLs.

🎯 Take away

Explain to the sponsors who are using this functionality what tools they can use and test it before the event starts. You can find all the information about breakout rooms here.

How to join a breakout room-1

10. Post-event πŸŽ‰

πŸ‘‰Once the event is over, registered participants can go back to Brella any time and review the content the organizer has enabled to show. However, Brella shuts for new attendees; therefore, they cannot join the platform anymore.

Usually, the on-demand content can be found on the Schedule page or Streams page depending on where you place it.

When it comes to the 1:1 connections made during the event, the virtual meeting rooms will close a couple of days after the event is over. But sponsors can chat for follow-ups without limits.

If you promised to share booth analytics, you could do so by exporting this file.

🎯 Take away

Be aware of what participants can do post-event. If you plan to have on-demand content available, ensure you enable the tabs and add the recorded videos to the respective sessions. Last, inform your audience what their options are post-event.

Last updated on July 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


If you didn’t find an answer to your questions, please contact the Support Team here.