📖 For Hosts

Logging in to a Community as a Host

Learn How to Gain Access to Your Community as a Host.


1. 📩  Email Access

2. 🌎  Other Access Methods


You can use the web app on your computer browser or tablet/iPad/phone browser to log in using your email.

  1. Go to manager.brella.io (event panel).
  2. Choose "Continue with Email."

  3. Input your email address and check your inbox for the login email. Click "Login to Brella."

    4. Click on "Communities" on the left-hand side

    5. Create a new community if you haven't already, or click on your community from the list.

    6. You're done! 


If you'd prefer to use an alternative method to access your Community, check out these articles on logging into Brella with other methods:

Last updated in March 2022.

Written by Sophia DiPaola

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