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Community: Editing Community Details and Customization

Learn how to edit and customize Community details to make your Community your own.


  1. Details
  2. Customization


On the Details tab, you can change the name of the community. However, you cannot change the URL slug once it has been created. 

  • Name: The name of your Community as it is displayed
  • URL slug: Used to create a URL directly to your Community (Cannot be changed.)


On the Customization tab, you can edit your community logo and cover image. You can also view the placement of both. 

Community Logo: The main logo of your Community. Recommended: PNG or SVG

Cover Image: A banner that identifies your company upon entering the Community Recommended: 940 x 360, JPEG or PNG 

❗️ Note: The black gradient and the text on top of it on your cover image cannot currently be edited or removed. However, the ability to do this is coming soon! See below for an example. 

Here's a short video on the customization process:


Last updated in March 2022.

Written by Sophia DiPaola

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