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Community Member: Open chat

You can contact other participants in the Community without setting up a meeting. Instead, you can chat with them.

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Some members want to chat without setting up a meeting. Open chat is a great way to engage and connect without having to do so.

Learn how open chat works, and how you can use it to connect with other members within a Community! 

How to send a chat message

Web app

  1. When you find a contact from the event you're interested in, click on the participant's profile to access their details from the Event home or the People page. 
  2. Press Chat under the attendee's details from the pop-up window. Introduce yourself and explain why you'd like to chat with them.
    ☝️ Note: You will have to write something to send the message.
  3.  Click Start the conversation to send the message, and wait until you get a response!

How to respond to a chat message

If someone wants to start a conversation with you, you'll get a notification for the first message, and it will appear in your messages which can be accessed from the top right corner.


💬  All new chat requests can be found under All conversations, in more detail under New chat requests. 

To review your new chats,  click to open the New chat requests and reply to the messages from the designated chat windows.

  • If you respond to a chat message sent to you, the conversation will move to "All conversations," and you'll be notified of new messages. (Image 1)
  • If you don't respond to the chat message sent to you, the conversation will stay in "New chat requests," and you won't be notified of new messages. (Image 2)

💡Note: You will now receive push notifications for open chats within Communities. Click here to read more!

Last updated in July 2023

Written by Yusra Mohideen

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