Adding new invites via the file import

If you are using the invite-only feature, you can always add new invites by importing a .CSV file with the updated attendee information.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to the Admin Panel ➡️People ➡️Invites
  2. Export the existing invites data file from the Admin Panel in PEOPLE tab - INVITES sub-tab by choosing "Meetings export.xls". 
  3. Open the file in Excel or other software like Numbers and do not touch on any information related to the existing invites
  4. Start adding the new invites in the list by filling the following columns only (do not add any information besides the following):
    1. Email (Mandatory)
    2. First name (Optional, up to you)
    3. Last name (Optional, up to you)
    4. Company (Optional, up to you)
    5. Title (Optional, up to you)
    6. Seats (Mandatory): indicate how many seats the registrant can have
  5. Export the file, (or save as) in .csv format and upload the CSV file in the Brella admin panel for your event by choosing "Invites import.csv"
  6. When you have uploaded the new list, please refresh the page, then export the list of invites (the button called "Meetings export.xls" from the Admin Panel in PEOPLE tab - INVITES sub-tab next to "Invites import.csv"). The new list will be sent with the new, generated join codes and URLs. 
  7. Then, you can mail the newly generated unique join URLs to the new registrants by associating the unique join URLs to the registrant. NOTE: Brella does not mail the join URLs to the attendees. This must be done through your own mailing software provider. 

What are 'seats'? Seats are like tickets. When a registrant has one seat, they essentially have one ticket. When they join onto the Brella platform for the first time to the event with their unique join code, they will be asked to sign into their Brella account and then given access to the event. Then, the seat will be used up, and the attendee can then sign into the event again on any device by signing into their Brella account in 

Seats are like tickets: the ticket is stamped when they first enter the event using the unique join URL or join code, then, they do not need to use it again. They just need to sign into their Brella accounts to access the event from another device. 

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